The BISDS school terms follow the government public school terms closely. In general, we are open every Sunday, during the government public school terms except public holidays and government public school holidays period.

Please always refer to our BISDS website calendar for details regarding BISDS school terms and holidays.


9:00 am – 12:00 pm (noon)

Details of school hours:

TIME Details Venue
9.00am-9.30am Buddha Puja session Asoka Hall
9.30am-10.00am Refreshment break & Kalyanamittata(Spiritual friendship) Asoka Hall Foyer
10.00am-12.00am Dhamma class lesson Classroom


     a) Please be respectful and always be punctual for school hours.

     b) All parents are invited and to accompany their child for Buddha Puja session only.

     c) All students must be accompanied by their class teacher(s) during school hours.


Students are allocated to their respective class according to their age group and knowledge of Buddhism at the discretion of management ( as at date of registration).

CLASSES - English

Class Name Age Group (Years)
Rahula : 6
Vakkali : 7 and 8
Yasa : 9 and 10
Ananda : 11 and 12
Subhuti : 13
Mahinda : 14
Tissa : 15 and 16
Moggallana - Youth : 17 to 23
Sariputta - Adult : 24 and above

CLASSES - Mandarin

Class Name Age Group (Years)
Sanghamitta 1 : 24 and above

CLASSES – English (Orientation)

Class Name Age Group (Years)
Nanda : 7 and 8
Cunda : 9 to 12

CLASSES – Mandarin (Orientation)

Class Name Age Group (Years)
Khema : 6 to 8
Uppalavanna : 9 to 12
Sakula : 13 to 16


1) Students registration are conducted and open twice a year.
     a) Open in month of November and December for the following year January Intake.
     b) Open in the month of April and May for the subsequent month June Intake.
     c) Flyer poster details are published in our BISDS Family Facebook and BISDS website.

2) Admission is open to all non-muslims only and is free of charge for Dhamma lessons (except administration fees).

3) Registration can be done as follows:
     a) At our BISDS registration dept counter from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm (noon).
     b) By online registration form. You can download the online registration forms here.
     c) You can send an email to :