Annual Events

CNY SingalongCNY PotluckMay DanaDevotion DayWesakStudent TripSanghika DanaLantern NiteKathinaConcert/Award Nite
Chinese New Year Singalong

BISDS students get invited to perform traditional dances and sing Chinese New Year songs at various locations including homes of devotees, orphanages, Nursing care homes.

Chinese New year Potluck

Staff members and their family get together for a potluck and some song and games.

Staff Dana

May 1st Labor day holiday is a day the staff members of BISDS get the opportunity to practice generosity by making offerings to the members of the Sangha. Sometimes a Dhamma talk is organized as well.

Devotion Day

Just prior to Wesak in May, BISDS observe a day of spiritual celebration.  Dressed in white, everybody will be engaged in activities that are inspired by the Thrice sacred day of Wesak.


Full moon day in May is Wesak day. BISDS joins the vihara to celebrate the thrice sacred day in which thousands of devotees will throng the temple grounds to honor the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Buddha. Students exhibit their work and perform Wesak hymns. It is also an occasion to raise much needed funds.

Students’ Experiential Trip

In June, the entire school goes for an experiential field trip organize by the projects department for one day. It’s an opportunity for everyone to be together as one big family and to visit places in the context of “Dhamma in motion”.

Maha Sanghika Dana / Chief’s Birthday

In July and in conjunction with the birthday of of beloved chief venerable, BISDS organizes a Maha Sanghika Dana. All the students will have the precious opportunity to make offerings, gifts and serve chief venerable and the many invited members of the Sangha. Adult students and parents also have the opportunity to prepare fruits and food for offering. In an appreciative celebration of gratitude to chief, a special birthday cake is presented to him. Lastly, the members of the Sangha will conduct a transference of merit. Everybody rejoice in the merit making and sharing it with the devas may they protect the Buddha’s dispensation.

Lantern Nite

Mid-autumn festival aka Lantern festival aka mooncake festival is an occasion for everyone to enjoy an evening of fellowship under the full moon in vihara. A lantern making competition utilizing reusable items is the central activity in this event. It’s also a potluck of mooncakes and tea. The entire temple ground is lighted by a parade of creative and beautiful lanterns.


At the end of the rains retreat in October, one of the biggest occasion celebrated by Buddhists is the Kathina. It’s the time when devotees throng the temples to offer robes and other requisites to the members of the Sangha. It’s also a time when devotees also contribute to the temple by making donation and giving provisions. BISDS students and staff members also will gather at the Asoka hall to make their offerings.

Concert and Prize Giving Nite

The Concert and Prize Giving Nite in November is a happily anticipated function. Parents are invited to dinner and concert featuring all their children’s performances. Prizes and awards are presented to students for their academic performances and participation in school activities.