artist impression

Artist Impression of BISDS Building extension

Namo Buddhaya! Welcome and thank you for visiting the BISDS – Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School’s website.  If you are new to BISDS, you may like to read our information pamphlet.  If you are a staff member, you may log in to update your class information.  If you are a parent or student, don’t forget to check our announcements and year planner.
Sukhi Hotu – May you be well and happy.

Student Re-Registration for 2017.
Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School is currently conducting its annual student re-registration exercise to assist the school in planning and allocating resources for the coming year.

We seek your co-operation to register your commitment to attend and/or continue to send your child/ward to BISDS in 2017 by completing this online form by 6 November 2016. If we do not receive your commitment, you or your child/ward will automatically be removed from the register and will need to re-register with the school again at the next enrollment process to regain entry (Registration fees applies.)

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